Payday loans online are one of the many ways the internet has connected financial opportunities to the average person. Not only can a person apply for an online payday loan, but check account balance, make transfers and payments. It has become an important aspect to millions of peoples’ everyday banking needs. The security of the internet is a constant challenge in order to keep people’s personal information safe and secure.

Those who shop online, do banking online, apply for online payday loans, stored credit cards or send private documents via networks or emails must be careful. Programmers have created safe and secure websites for personal transactions. There are groups and individuals who make it their job to hack into secure websites. Most of these hackers are doing the programmers a favor. They find the errors in the secure websites which will focus the programmers to make their sites better. For the most part, it’s like a partnership. The hackers get credit for finding the problem and the companies create a safer environment for their customers.

Not all hackers are good. There have been those who find their way in only to steal personal information of others. Where most only have the intention of gaining the notoriety for hacking into the site, others do it with illegal intentions.

Just recently, there was a hacking group from the Middle East which found its way into the websites of Wells Fargo, Bank of America and U.S. Bankcorp. The group sent out a warning of their intentions, and embarrassingly enough for the three banks, they were not able to stop them. Customers lost access to their accounts for a short period of time, but no one’s personal information was in jeopardy. Large banks are undoubtedly a favorite target among hackers and focus many efforts to make their websites safe and secure.

This group of hackers who have claimed responsibility sent a warning over the Internet of their intentions to find a way in to the banks’ websites. They have also been warnings that they will continue to work at hacking into more banking institutions. Attempts on other banks have also been made throughout the same week. Their mission is politically and religiously fired promising more problems for the U.S. Banks until a video was removed from the internet. This is the same video which created unrest and attacks on embassies in the Middle East.


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