In the world of expensive short term loans, free cash advances can be a huge surprise for many borrowers. Nevertheless, it is indeed true that discerning borrowers can get free cash advances if they know how to find them in the vast sea of lenders, particularly in the digital world. This is not a case where some philanthropists have decided to pay off the cost of your loan and help several thousand Americans fight their financial woes. On the other hand free cash advances are simply among other business promotion initiatives from the lending community, and more specifically, the new entrants.

In the digital world, customers must come to where the business is and customers will come only when they find the business. Achieving the best page rank and position is reserved for established businesses with years of experience and consistent search engine optimization initiatives. Websites of the new lenders will often be found on the 50th page of the search result or even beyond that point with fewer visitors ever looking at the website. Even with a substantial investment in SEO, these websites can hardly hope to get to the first page of search results any time in their life time.

Free cash advances on the other hand works like a powerful magnet. The most powerful word in the digital universe is ‘free’ and the moment this magnet is attached to an online business, customers will come looking for the business irrespective of the page rank. Businesses offering free advances of cash or similar freebies can cool off anywhere in the digital space and yet hope to do reasonable business compared to their peers.

To qualify for advances of cash for free, you need to be a first time borrower with that specific lender and amount of cash advance that you can borrow is limited to sums between $200 and $500 depending on the lender you choose to work with. All the other terms and conditions attached to the free cash advances remain identical to that of a regular payday loan. Repayment of the cash advance is due within 14 days or your next pay check whichever comes up earlier and obviously no rollover is permitted. Defaulting on free cash advances will potentially attract regular lending rates charged to other customers by the lender.


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