Have you been considering getting your first cash advance loan? Before you decide if you should or not, you should consider the alternatives and consider all your options because deciding to get a cash advance loan should not be taken lightly. The risks of not paying back your Instant Cash Advance Loan can be rather severe depending on what state you live in, which we will discuss below. You also should make sure you keep track of all the information you get that tells you information about the loan. If you misplace the paper work your receive from the lender and/or forget the dates that you need to pay your loan back, you could easily find yourself in a big mess that won’t be easy to clean up and depending on how far you get behind, might be impossible to fix without bankruptcy or other forms of legal work for you and an attorney.

Not paying back your loan can lead to increases in your financial liability and can increase your debt to a point where you may be faced with considering getting other loans to pay back your current loans.

We highly recommend not going down this path, since it’s just a vicious cycle and you will probably never be able to repay all your loans. The best way to repay your loan is to either pay on time the amount that’s required, or if it was used just for an emergency, and you usually have the money to afford repaying your loan, once you receive your next pay check try to pay back more than the requested payment of the loans. Often times payday lenders will may the suggested payments low enough that sure you’ll eventually pay back the loan, but in the process you will also be paying back a lot of unnecessary interest.

As we mentioned above some states are heavily regulated so payday lenders have to limit how much interest they can charge you on a payday loan as you attempt to repay the loan. However other states such as Florida Payday Loan Industry have very little regulation, so the payday lenders have hardly any rules they have to follow when calculating your interest when you’re repaying your payday loan. Sometimes the interest can be well over 300% in some unique situations. However when you compare this interest rate with other forms of interest when lets say you forget to repay your credit cards, the interest is not quite as high. Credit card companies sometimes have interest rates higher than 1000% on the money you borrowed.


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