When you’re facing a sudden financial crisis, no matter if it is an unexpected death in the family that you need to pay for, the threat of eviction due to unpaid late rent, or maybe your computer fried and you need to get a new one to get back in business to serve your clients quickly.

Whatever the reason, you need cash fast. The first option that many people will think of is friends and family and of course this is only natural. However, if the amount you need is more than a couple thousand (and even that is generous), you may be in for disappointment. Of course they will want to help you, but given th uncertain nature of the economy, they simply may be unable to do so. One other option is payday loans.

But can you get payday loans guaranteed with no fax? The answer of course is a resounding yes. Though there are still places that require you to fax in your particulars, more and more are offering a no fax option as this solves a number of issues. First of all, in this age of instant communication, unless you already have a fax, chances are you’ll waste time trying to find one and when you need immediate cashflow, this is something you quite literally cannot afford.

Next, of course there is the always fun part of figuring out/remembering how to actually use the machine. You’d be surprised at how many of us will still put the paper in upside down, including yours truly! Another thing to think about (as if that wasn’t enough) are the charges. Faxing more than a few documents can get very expensive and take up time you may not have. And then there is always the concern that the pages won’t render properly at the receiving end.


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